Good Friday 2013

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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Good Friday is also known with diffrent names like Black Friday, Great Firday and also Holy Friday. This year in 2009, Good Friday will be celebrated on 10th April 2013 in all parts of the world. But this is not the fixed date for Good Friday, it keep changing every year. 

Good Friday 2009, Varun Blog, US Events,
In this day, Jesus Christ and two other men were arrested by Roman soldiers. He was beaten badly by Roman soldiers and he was so weak. There was a sign above Jesus head and it was "The King of the Jews."
According to the Bible:

(6.00 a.m. is calculated as the first hour in the day by Bible)

The third hour (9:00 am ) of the day - Jesus was nailed to the cross.

The Sixth Hour (12:00 noon) of the day - darkness covered the land

The ninth hour ( 3:00 pm) of the day - the darkness left, and the Lord died

Good Friday 2009, Varun Blog, US Events,

In this particular day, many Christian people fast whole day, by doing so they can remember the sacrifice of the Jesus. Most of the Christian also take part in the procession of witness. They take part in the procession with the groups with Cross in the streets. We can easily find some special services in the Churches in Good Friday. Special services can be seen specially at 3.00 p.m. when Jesus Christ left this world. In this day, Churches were not decorated anywhere as it was the day for mourning.

Christian use to eat "Hot Cross Buns" in Good Friday because Hot Cross Buns supposed to be Tradition Food in Good Friday. Some also eat Fish instead of meat.



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