New Year 2009

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Monday, December 15, 2008

New Year 2009

New Year means fresh start, many bright dreams to fulfil and lots of new aspirations.

Just before New Year 2009, America has got a wonderful gift from an Iraqi Reporter. He tried to his American President George Bush with shoes but luckily George Bush managed to save himself. The Press Reporter father was died in the Iraq Attack my American soldiers. The Iraqi President told after this incident that it's a shame for Iraq but the majority population in Iraq does not believe so. They think whatever has happened is really appreciated. They are doing protest in the street to release the Reported. Here is 29 second short video clip where George Bush is hit by the Iraqi Reporter.

I have noticed people search : What happened in 2008? so I have brought 10 Most Important things has happened in 2008 all over the World. It's a good thing before entering 2009 that we have a look 2008. If you think that this list can be changed to make it better so please let me know then I will make the changes.

1) Mumbai Attack, India
2) Bhuttos assassination, Pakistan
3) Indo-US Nuclear Deal
4) Barack Obama President
5) IPL Cricket launched & S. Ganguly retired
6) Iraqi Reporter thrown shoes on George Bush
7) Share Sensex & World Market down
8) 2008 Beijing Olympics
9) Announcement on Recession
10) Michael Jackson convert to Muslim

New Year In India

In India, New Year has become a national festival. The excitement to celebrate New Year is almost present everywhere in the world. The New Year day is celebrated with a lot of enthusiasm. In the morning the different religion of people marked by prayers' in temple, mosque, church, Gurdwara. Youngsters prefer parties and discos in the clubs, New Year fetes and social feasts. Generally, families prefer picnic spot with their relatives and friends. It is celebrated all parts of India specially in the metropolitant cities like Mumbai, Kolkata, New Delhi, Bangalore and many more other cities in India. People also would love to exchange gifts for New Years, flowers, chocolates and Greeting cards with their closed ones. These thing helps to make a feeling of bounding and caring with each other. Just like every other country, people in India also make New Year resolutions on the day to follow it up by the year. Rave parties are very popular in Goa with full of dance, loud music and jest. These parties held organized every night around the time of New Year. Goa attracts a large number of visitors (tourists) from India as well as from around the world. There are huge number of bars in all Goa. Beaches are the life line of Goa and most of the parties are celebrated in the sea beach.



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