Christmas 2008

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Thursday, December 11, 2008

If anybody is asked that which day according to you is most celebration then no one should have any kind of that it's none other than Christmas just because Christmas only the celebration which is celebration which is celebrated globally. It's a festive and holiday time for everyone. Even in countries like India, Nepal, China, Russia and so many other countries where Christianity is not the dominant religious belief, but yet Christmas is celebrated with the best and truly speaking Santa Claus has become the reason for the season for them.

Christmas 2008 Celebration in India

Celebration of Christmas in India vary from one state to another state. The main reason for this variation is that India is a country of diversity. Christian people in India celebrate this Global celebration with full of devotion, pomp & gaiety. Just like any other country, Christman in India begin on the eve of Christma i.e on 24th December and it continues till New Year. On the day, Christians visit churches to participate in the special masses.
In the major cities of India like Calcutta (Kolkata), Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Christmas has assumed to be secular overtones and it is joyfully celebrated by all religions and communities. Christmas Day known as 'Bada Din' (Big Day) in Hindi language and it is a national holiday in all pastor of India and people from all religions come together with friends to make the Christmas most of the joyous celebrations. Hindus and Muslims are the major population in India but yet Xmas is celebrated with much enjoyment and fanfare in this secular country.

St. Paul Cathedral Church, Kolkata

10 Things to do in Christmas
Well it is perfect time to start thinking about Christmas. Varun has made top 10 things by which you can plan now to make the holidays a little less stressful.

1. Plan Early : First thing you should follow is that "Plan it early". It might me sound simple but tough to perform. Most of the people make their plan at last minute which doesn't give good result at the end of the day.

2. Set your budget : We all know the fact that Holidays can be expensive...very expensive. So it's better you know where you have pay more or less to make make your budget in limits.

3. Make your list : You should also make your list pre-planned. Like what gift you want to gift to your near and dear one and many other similar things

4. Shop smartly but early : After Thanksgiving day, it's again time for Christmas shopping. As every moment is important now so you should spending most of your time in shopping that's why I put the title shop smartly but early.

5. Order Christmas cards : If you still haven't already order christams cards, then you should make an appointment with a nice local photographer and get those holiday photos made.

6. You should hide your purchases from prying eyes : How many people remember stumbling across Santa's stash a week or two before Christmas? For 40 bucks you can get 4X4 storage shed at most of the storage places remember you only need it for a couple months.

7. Don't dare to forget others in your life: People like Bosses, secretaries, employees, and civil servants also deserve being recognized for their efforts this holiday season. The rules of thumb on Christmas are to expect to spend around $25 on bosses, and if you have a secretary or admin then you can spend around $50 to $100, and on Civil servants like postal workers can be spent around $20.

8. Make travel reservations : Traveling like the rest of the world this season? Make hotel reservations now. There is nothing like driving all night on a major interstate and doing the no-vacancy dance for an hour or two while you search for a hotel that is available and doesn't cost two hundred bucks. Also, by planning ahead you can find a Fido-friendly hotel.

9. Decorate beautifully : Decoration at your room should be on Christmas and New year Theme. Don't make it like marriage or Birthday themes. If you have birthday or marriage on the same day then you can do.

10. Be charitable: I believe this is one of the most important thing that you must do if you are financially good. Don't think for your personal interest only and make it larger. You should donate some (at least 2%) to charitable trust and if you want then I can personally help you out in this regard to whom you should fund. If you do so, Jesus Christ will surely bless you and it is also the best way to show your your sympathy/empathy.

History of Christmas Celebration
The Birthday of Jesus Christ has been celebrated on December 25th since AD 354 not only in Western countries but all parts of the world even in the countries where main religion is not Roman Catholic like India, China, Russia and other many countries including Muslims. Earlier it was celebrated on January 6th but then it is replaced on 25th December. The popularity of Christmas started picking up until the Reformation, a religious movement of the 1500's. This particular movement gave birth to Protestantism. When the Reformation was going on then many Christians began to consider Christmas a pagan celebration just because it included non-religious rules and customs.Christmas was outlawed in United Kingdom in 1600's and in parts of the other English colonies in America. Again, the very old customs of feasting and decorating soon came into existence and blended with the more Christian aspects of the celebration.

I have also come up with a link, where you can send Free Christmas Online Greetings Cards (eCard) to your near and dear ones. This is the free service, if you wish you can select the card of your own choice

After Online Christmas Greetings Cards (eCard), I have also put some Christmas related pictures. You can also send these pictures after downloading at your desktop or you can also use it your PC Wallpaper as well as Mobile.
Jesus is in the arms of Joseph and Mary

Christmas celebration at white house

Christmas 2009 Cards

Christmas 2008 Flower Cards

Christmas 2008 Post Card for kids



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