India Pakistan Relation

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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

India => Kashmir <= Pakistan

India Pakistan Relation

The relation of India and Pakistan have a long and very complicated history background with each other. Truly speaking, India and Pakistan simultaneously became independent country from Britain in 1947. When British people left India, it was supposed to be divided the country into two parts. It was decided that the area that consists 75% or more Muslims would be the part of Pakistan and the rest of the part India. But unfortunately, this proposal did not include the Princely States, one of which was Kashmir. The Princely were left at liberty to decide their own future whether they want to be the part of Pakistan, part of India, or just want to remain as a separate state (Sloan). At that time, The Maharaja of Kashmir named Hari Singh Dogra, decided that Kashmir will neither be part of India nor Pakistan. In the mean while, Pakistan had also sent some tribal Lhakars to discuss to Kashmir about their decision of autonomy. Then Indian government realized Pakistan's action as a sign of invasion and then Indian Government also sent their troops to help defend the state of Jammu and Kashmir.

India Pakistan Tension after Mumbai Attack
Indian and Pakistani soldiers have always stamped each other feet and they postured in goose step at the time when they lower their flags every evening at their border post between the both India and Pakistan. The body language has changed totally, now we can watch more aggressive as talks of war are going around. In this photo, Pakistani soldier in black uniform and the Indian border guards use to shake hands during the "Beating the Retreat" ceremony at the Pakistan and India joint border check post of Wagah Border near Lahore city of Pakistan. The Tensions between both nuclear-armed Pakistan and India have risen up high over the deadly terrorist attacks in Mumbai on 26th December 2008. Indian are blaming that they have got some proof that suggest that Paksitan has supported Terrorsits Group but Pakistan has denied it totally and added that Pakistan is also the victim of Terrorism. The Pakistan Government has promised to cooperate with Indian Government, but has also remarked that it has yet to share any evidence with it.

Here is an Youtube Video of India Pakistan Tension at Wagah Border.

Pakistan Birthday : The Partition of India
The World has seen the birth of a new Islamic Republic country called as "Pakistan" on 14th August 1947. The very next day India won its freedom from
British rule after almost 350 years of British rule in India. British people came to India for business purpose and they started their first big company in Calcutta as "East India Company" they started ruling all parts of the India. Before Independence, Calcutta (now Kolkata) was the capital of India but now it's New Delhi. British left India divided in two parts - India and Pakistan. The two countries were distributed on the basis of religion (i.e Hindu and Muslims), with India as a secular one and Pakistan as an Islamic state.

It's a still big debate that whether the partition of India and Pakistan was done too soon and whether it was wise or not. Everyone and everyone country did their best to stop the conflict between India and Pakistan. British divided India in two parts but unfortunately they did not resolve the border issues and causing three wars between two countries. Those three were occured in the year 1965, 1971 and 1999 Kargil War cau
sing thousand of soldiers from both the countries died.



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