Saurav Ganguly retires from all form of Cricket

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Monday, February 7, 2011

India’s cricket team most successful captain — the man who single-handedly galvanised a bunch of talented players into a winning side — won’t play again. The God on the off-side has announced his retirement from competitive cricket. Sourav Ganguly made this announcement during an exclusive interview with Headlines Today.

Breaking his silence on the IPL controversy, he said, he was playing Ranji only to stay fit for the league. And he doesn’t see any possibility of playing IPL again. So he’s hanging up his boots.

Speaking to Headlines Today, he said: “I have already retired from international cricket. I was playing Ranji cricket only to stay fit for IPL. I see no possibility of playing IPL any more. And now I don’t see any point in playing competitive cricket again.”

But he expressed disappointment at not finding a place in 10 IPL teams in which 70 Indians were selected. “I had the runs. Players of my age, Gilchrist, Dravid and Laxman are still actively involved. I haven’t been able to put the finger on why I was left out.
Cricketing logic and past form suggests I should have been picked. There are several reasons I could have been dropped, but not for cricket.”

So there will be no resurrection for the man, who like a phoenix has sprung surprises every time people thought his innings was over.

But Ganguly doesn’t feel betrayed by Shah Rukh Khan.
“SRK spoke to me about a possible role as KKR mentor. I don’t think KKR needs a mentor. I see no role there. The team already has enough expertise in Whatmore and Akram. I wanted to play and not mentor the team. I didn’t see myself in the sort of a role Kumble has chosen.”
To put it more succinctly, he said: “We are in a profession, where we get selected. Opinions differ. But I thought I deserved a place.”

But such is his love for the Kolkata outfit that he was disappointed over how the team has been handled, especially over the past two seasons. “I agree KKR didn’t do well. We had the acumen to deliver, but suffered a confidence problem. I felt there was panic every time we lost. There was panic among the owners, panic among the players.

But you need continuity in a team to deliver like Chennai Super Kings and Mumbai Indians. When we don’t win three seasons in a row, there’s an opportunity to rebuild. I understand KKR felt they deserved better and they need to go into the later stages of the game.”
His passion for the game won’t die. His IPL dream flickered when Kochi wanted him after the auctions. But the franchises put a spanner in the works. And Ganguly was left in the cold again.

“I was very disappointed when the franchises stalled the repurchase. The rules of the IPL have been changed in the past. Every rule in sport should give an opportunity to play, not keep them out. Whether it’s Sourav Ganguly today or some other player sometime.”
Ganguly junked the theory floated by some franchises that he brings baggage with him and indulges in politics. “I have played cricket, 5 years as captain and 8 years under different skippers. I have helped in building what Team India is today. And this doesn’t come by playing politics.”

And the man who along with Sachin was part of one of the most destructive opening pairs in history won’t swing the willow again. Rather, he will still be part of the game, but not on the field. “I am mentally preparing myself for an administrator’s role at some stage. I would love to be part of the Cricket Association of Bengal at some point of my life. I also would love to coach the Indian cricket team as well.”

Cricket Association of Bengal is home turf. But the Bengal Tiger could also eye the chair of the Indian Cricket Board. Nothing is impossible for the unputdownable Dada.

Sourav Ganguly Retirement from IPL
SOurav Ganguly is going to play his last internation IPL game again KKR. Once he was the captain of kolkata Knight Rider. Time changes so quickly... 
From next season IPL 2013, SOurav Ganguly is going to be either PWI or KKr mentor. So, we can say our Dada Sourav Ganguly also taking retirement from IPL.

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