Cambodia Stampede kills at least 350+ at Festival

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Monday, November 22, 2010

A stampede on a bridge in the capital of Cambodia has taken the life of more than 350 people till now. All of them had participated in a water festival.Hundreds of opeples are hospitalised and many of them also critical. Family members of the injured people are really very worried and panickedabout them.

Eye Witnesses informed press reporters that the tragic stampede started when hundred of people were electrocuted late on Monday on a small bridge lined with lights connecting Phnom Penh to a nearby island where thousands had gathered to celebrate the water festival and watch a concert. Most of them drowned in the water, suffocated or were trampled while trying to leave the bridge. Many people were eating in outdoor restaurants and they were crossing the bridge so they can return to the city.

Mr. P.M. Hun Sen apologized to the nation for the disaster in which at least 350 people were hurt. The Prime Minister ordered for an investigation as T.V footage showed relatives weeping over the bodies of the dead piled one on top of the other. It is one of the biggest tragedy happened in Cambodia. Last time, the bigest tragedy was when 1.7 people were killed in revolution of 1975-1979.



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