Taliban captures Swat Valley Pakistan

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Friday, February 20, 2009

Swat Valley in Pakistan is known as Mini Switzerland in Pakistan. It used to be attracted thousands of tourists from all part of the world every year but now after Taliban presence not only the foreign tourists but all also the local Pakistani fears to visit Pakistan. Swat Valley has the natural beauty in Pakistan. It has beautiful mountains, lakes and environment free fields. Pakistani people living in other areas like Karachi, Islamabad, Lahore are fearing that Taliban will also capture their place.

Taliban militants has already implemented the Islamic law (Shariah Law) in the Swat Valley. Pakistan wants to talk with Talibanis and make a peace deal with them but world has criticized Pakistani decision to have a peace deal with them after all Talibanis are responsible for 9/11 World Trade Center Attack, which shocked the whole world. No one can trust Taliban that's why it has become a become concern in the West countries. Right now, cease fire is going on but the question is till when???

Taliban Activities in Swat Valley, Pakistan
Here is the picture in Swat Valley, Pakistan where Talibanis and Taliban supporters are spreading sweets after implementing Shariah Law (Islamic Law) in Swat Valley. Talibanis have asked girls not to study anymore and threatened them not to go to schools and colleges. Taliban have already destroyed 13 schools in Swat Valley. A famous journalist from Geo TV has been killed there while he was covering there for the peace process. First, he was shot by a bullet then his neck was separated from his body. The whole Pakistani journalists and lawyers are protesting this but yet Pakistani Government has not made any comment regarding this brutally attack.

Newly elected United States of American President, Mr. Barrack Obama has expressed his concern over the present situation in Swat Valley. He has decided to send more troops in the Afghanistan-Pakistan border.

Here is an Youtube video shot taken in Sawt Valley of Pakistan. This video shows the pictures of earlier Swat Valley and now the present condition of Swaat Valley after Taliban capturing the place.

What is Shariah Law (Islamic Law)?
Answere : Please visit this Wiki Link to know about Shariah Law Wiki.



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