Jamai Sasthi 2016

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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Jamai Sasthi (Jamoi Sosthi) is in 2016. Jamai Sasthi is on Sunday. Mother-in-laws cook very special dishes specially Hilash Maach fish. items and invite their daughter & Sons-in-law to honor them on this jamai sasthi day. They also present new dress. The son-in-law is generally welcomed by thier inlaws family with phota.

Jamai Sasthi is mainly observed in Bengal by Bengalis but these days Jamai Sasthi is also popular in other parts  of India even Jamai Sasthi in US, UK, Australia can be seen by NRIs. Jamai Sasthi is observed after the sixth day of Shukla Paksha. "Jamai" means son-in-law (Damaad in Hindi) and Sasti means sixth day of Shukla Paksha in Hindu calendar. The mother-in-law also present gift to her son-inlaw and in return son-in-law also present gift to his mother-in-law. Son-in-law most present Taant saree in Jamai sasti day. Jamai sasthi gifts are also avilable in Kolkata & Bengal markets and online jamai sasthi gifts can also be purchased now these days. 

Jamai Sasthi Cards, Jamai Sasthi Wallpaper Photos Greeting Cards

Jamai Sasthi Video Card


Petrol Prices hiked by Rs. 7.50 in India

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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Oil marekting companies in India on Wednesday last night announced a bog increase in petrol price. Protests are coming from all parts of the India. Mamata Banerjee, Left parties and opposition parties have said they will protest so the increase fare should be taken back. WB CM said she will not take her support from the party. BJP said the price hike in petrol is unreasonable. 

The petrol price hike translates into Rs.7.50/litre in Delhi. 
Petrol in Mumbai will now cost Rs.78.57/litre as against Rs. 70.66 a litre.
In Kolkata, the increase will be Rs.7.85/litre to Rs. 77.88/litre.
Chennai saw rates going up by Rs. 7.98 to Rs.77.53/litre.

This is how the price will look like now in major cities of India:

Kolkata - Eastern India
Now: 77.53 INR
Earlier: 70.03 INR

Delhi - Northern India
Now: 73.14INR
Earlier: 65.64INR

Mumbai - Western India
Now: 78.16INR
Earlier: 70.66INR

Chennai - Southern India
Now: 77.05INR
Earlier: 69.55INR

Rupee Vs Dollar
It is being said the petrol price is hiked because the rupee value is goin down. Now, one dollar $ is equivalent to Rupees 56 and it is expected that it will increase more.


Phillip Phillips NEW American Idol

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Phillip Phillips has won "American Idol" on 23rd May Wednesday. Phillip Phillips has become the fifth male singer in a row to take the NEW American Idol title and a guaranteed recording contract. Phillip Phillips is just 21 years old and he is a guitar player from Georgia. Phillip Phillips beat ballad singer Jessica Sanchez who is just 16 year old and she is from California. It was decided through public vote. 


Terrorist Attack Bomb Explosion in Allahabad kills 10 people

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News are coming from Uttar Pradesh city Allahabad that a low intensity crude bomb has exploded in Kareili area killing of Allhabad city. Casualties in Allahabad bomb explosion : At least ten people died and many injured with this explosion. Allahabad Police saying that the bomb exploded in a garbage dump are of Kareili area and most of the deceased could be small chidren. It is being expected that it is a terrorist attack. 

Some people are also predicting that this bomb explosion can be one of the example of fight between BSP and Samajwadi parties. Things are going worst in Uttar Pradesh after the arrival of Samajwadi Party and all the promise of UP CM Akhilesh Yadav are going inn vain.

BSP Councillor leader killed in this bomb attack so it is confirmed that this is not a terrorist attack. This is a political fight between Mayawati BSP and Mulaym Singh Yadav Samajwadi party.


Train Accident in Andhra Pradesh Anantapur district

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Monday, May 21, 2012

Train Accident in Andhra Pradesh Anantapur district
One more Train accident in India. This time it happened in Andhra Pradesh's Anantapur district. At least 15 people killed in this train accident in anatapur. It was Hampi Express that hit another stationary train in Andhra Pradesh.  The Hubli-Bangalore Hampi Express train accident took place around 3 o clock in the morning. More tha 80 people were injured and some of them are in very serious condition. 4 children were also died. It is being expected that the death toll may rise. News are coming that some passengers are still trapped in the Hampi Express train bogie. The Hampi Express train no 16591 which left Hubli station at 6 pm. Monday 21st May 2012, was about to reach Bangalore station at 6 am. 

One of the senior Souther railway told that the it happened because of a signalling error appears. Union Railways Minister Mukul Roy, reached to the spot and the newly elected Railway Ministed ordered for an inquiry. The railway minister Mukul Roy already announced a compensation of Rs.5 lakh to the death person family and Rs.1 lakh to injured and Rs.50,000 to the minor injured.


Hare Krishna Temple at Dallas damaged by Fire

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The Hare Krishna Hindu Temple members in Dallas, United States tried Saturday to move past a fire which actually started in their kitchen. The fire caused damage to some of their building Friday evening. It can be seen that a large amount of damage occured to the kitchen of Hare Krishna Hindu Temple. On last Friday evening, more than 500 people had gathered in a nearby park of the temple Hare Krishna for the marriage of temple president Nityananda Dasa son. Nityananda Dasa told CW News of Dallas that he and others noticed smoke going out of the window during the marriage ceremony. Every invitees were worried and horrified to see the fire in Hare Krishna Temple in Dallas. The fire was controlled by Dallas Fire Department quickly and  more important no one got injured or died. 


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Mother Shilpa Shetty blessed with a baby boy

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Shilpa Shetty Pregnancy photo
Silpa Shetty has become mother now. She has given a birth to a baby BOY. yes, it's a BOY for Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty and UK businessman Raj Kundra. Raj Kundra has confirmed this on his twitter profile. Raj Kundra mentioned that both mother and baby boy are fine. Shilpa Shetty is admitted in Hinduja hospital and Dr. Kiran Cohelo is taking care of her. Shilpa Shetty married london-based Raj in 2009. Shilpa Shetty and Raj Kundra are also owners of IPL franchisee Rajashthan royals. It was expecting that shilpa shetty will give birth to her baby on IPL final match. Best wishes are coming from Bollywood, Polictians etc. They haven't shared shilpa shetty son photos yet for privacy.


Facebook Mark Zuckerber status is Married

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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Mark Zuckerber and Priscilla Chan marriage photo
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerber is always in news. Mark Zuckerber has updated his status. Mark Zuckerber is married now. This was quite a week for Mark Zuckerber from his birthday, to NSE IPO, to I DO. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerber who is just 28 year old married with 27 year old girlfriend Priscilla Chan. Priscilla Chan was his girlfriend for nearly 10 years or so. Facebook is now the bigger comapnay than HP and they Facebook growth is moving, it is being expected that Facebook will in top 10 listing soon. The marriage between Mark Zuckerber and Priscilla Chan took place on saturday May 19 2012 in Zuckerberg's backyard. It was surprised that less than 100 people invited in this high profile marriage. Mark Zuckerber and Priscilla Chan marriage photos and videos have been added in this blog as well.

Mark Zuckerber and Priscilla Chan before marriage 


West Bengal CM call student CPM Maosists

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Friday, May 18, 2012

In an interview with CNN-IBN channel, The WB CM Mamata Banerjee known as Didi lost her cool and stormed out when a student asked her about crime against women. She asked Mamata Banerjee to act as a responsible person then Mamta banerjee says she is a CPM-Maosists supporter. Here is the video:

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