Vijay Mallya Son SID Sidhartha Mallya also in IPL trouble

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Friday, May 18, 2012

Royal Challengers Bangalore RCB owner and the Kingfisher - King of GoodTimes owner Vijay Mallya son Sidhartha Mallya Friday questioned the character of the US woman who was allegedly molested by the RCB IPL team's Australian recruit Luke Pomersbach. This made it sparking outrage and exacerbating an already delicate situation. Sidhartha Mallya later lost his temper when he was asked by mediaperson about his controversial tweets and he misbehaved with the mediapersons while leaving a five-star hotel in Delhi. Sidhartha mallya tweeted this - First SRK, now this...everyone loves a good scandal. Why can't ppl just enjoy the cricket...has everyone forgotten chris' 100 last night?

"The girl who is accusing Pomersbach and she is saying he hit her 'fiance' 2-3 times. ...what a load of f****** s***. She was all over me last night and asked for me bbm pin, so if he was her fiance she wasn't exactly behaving like a future wife," Sidhartha tweeted.

"If Luke is in the wrong, then trust me he will face the necessary sanctions. But what this girl is doing is idiotic," he added.

Pomersbach was arrested and later released on interim bail for a day. The lady name is Zohal Hameed and she is from American woman, in a five-star hotel in Delhi.

Vijay Mallya, however confirmed that the Australian will not take part in the IPL league any more until things are not clear. Before this news, SRK is banned to enter Wnakhede stadium and Vijay Mallya found it disgusting and said it was not right decision as Shahrukh khan is a good human being and whatever he did for his daughter.



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