Single Mother Parents Concept Meaning

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Monday, May 14, 2012

Single Mother Concept or Meaning
A single mother is a woman who is taking care of child or children, but  she does not have the aid of a husband or father to help them raise or take care of said children. Most of the time, single mothers have divorced from the father, the father has passed away, or the father has left the mother. In simple word, we can say that single mother are those women who have children but the father is not living in the home.  The meaning may vary, Single mother (super mom) may be a divorced woman who have children or she could have a accidental pregnancy without marriage or she could be a widow who take cares of her children or her husband may have disappeared in other ways or left her. Generally, the single mother concept has come from the US.

In my personal view, I believe that a woman who contributes more than fifty percent of the  child raising responsibilities is considered a single mom / single mama. This belief is applied to woman who are in the following situations: 
1) staying with a family member 
2) staying with the father who does not support the child
3) woman who live with a man (not child own father )who does not consider the woman's child to be his, but they are living together in the same house 
4) married woman who is not happy  in her relationship and the husband is distant.

Single Parent meaning and concept
A single parent generally refers to those parents who have most of the time responsibilities in the raising of the child or with children.  Single-parent is also known as lone parent, solo parent and sole parent.  Single parent is a parent who cares for one or even more children without the physical assistance of the other organic parent in the house.

Single mother parent in India
In india, single mother concept is coming but very slowly not like in US. Majority people are still not accepting it but in the big Indian cities like Calcutta (Kolkat), Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, it is seen that people have dare to be single mother or you can say super mon or singl mama. The biggest example of single mother in India is ex Miss Universe and bolluwoon known actor Miss Susmita Sen who has adopted two child. She is still not married yet. 



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