Plane crashed in Nepal kills 15

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Monday, May 14, 2012

Nepal Plane crashed
15 passengers died when a plane which was carrying Indian pilgrims crashed northern Nepal on Monday 04 th April 2012. It was in the place near a treacherous high-altitude airport. The plane was just few minutes about to land in Jomsom airport. The plane hit a muddy slope & the plane is buried in the side of the hill. Most of the people who died were Indians. It is expecting that 13 of them were from India and 2 were from Nepal. Luckily, six people survived including a Nepal air hostess. The plane was flying from Pokhara to Muktinath which is known to be a sacred place for Hindus as well as for Buddhists at the foot of the very famous Thorong La Himalayan mountain pass. It is not the first time when Nepal plane crashed has happened.

Child actor Taruni Sachdev also died in Nepal plane crash
Taruni Sachdev died
Indian child artist Taruni Sachdev also died in Nepa; plane crash. Taruni Sachdev was also in the movie Paa with Amitabh Bachan and Vidya Balan.  Taruni Sachdev also acted in many other southern language films. Taruni Sachdev has also done many commercial TV ads and the film industry is shocked with this news she was just 14 year old.

List of Indian passengers on board the Agni Air plane that crashed: 

Latha Echambade, 
M Arora, 
Mr Kumar and Mrs Kumar. 
K Arora, 
Sreeva Kidambi Tirumala, 
T Sachdev, 
K Mamanya
G Sachdev, 
Sanaim Sudhar, 
Sreepada Kidambi Tirumala, 
G Raman, 
SK Arora, 
R Handa, 
M Handa, 
Kidambi Tirumala, 



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