Petrol Prices hiked by Rs. 7.50 in India

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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Oil marekting companies in India on Wednesday last night announced a bog increase in petrol price. Protests are coming from all parts of the India. Mamata Banerjee, Left parties and opposition parties have said they will protest so the increase fare should be taken back. WB CM said she will not take her support from the party. BJP said the price hike in petrol is unreasonable. 

The petrol price hike translates into Rs.7.50/litre in Delhi. 
Petrol in Mumbai will now cost Rs.78.57/litre as against Rs. 70.66 a litre.
In Kolkata, the increase will be Rs.7.85/litre to Rs. 77.88/litre.
Chennai saw rates going up by Rs. 7.98 to Rs.77.53/litre.

This is how the price will look like now in major cities of India:

Kolkata - Eastern India
Now: 77.53 INR
Earlier: 70.03 INR

Delhi - Northern India
Now: 73.14INR
Earlier: 65.64INR

Mumbai - Western India
Now: 78.16INR
Earlier: 70.66INR

Chennai - Southern India
Now: 77.05INR
Earlier: 69.55INR

Rupee Vs Dollar
It is being said the petrol price is hiked because the rupee value is goin down. Now, one dollar $ is equivalent to Rupees 56 and it is expected that it will increase more.



Rahul said...

Who cares? Petrol is a khaas luxury. It is not the aam aadmi's commodity. People who are fighting against the petrol hike are fighting for the khaas aadmi. There are people in this country who die for want of water. If a few people feel the heat of the petrol hike, so be it!

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