IPL5 under match fixing threat

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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A TV channel on Tuesday claimed that IPL players, organizers, IPL team owners and another are involved 'suspicious transactions' is busted during this IPL5. The BCCI had already given warning that action would be taken against the culprits if the news found correct.

When asked about the sting operation, BCCI president N Srinivasan said, "We will ensure the integrity of the game to save. BCCI believes in the integrity of the game. We will act severely. We should have taped it and now we'll see who the player, we will act tough. "


Srinivasan said, 'If there is no one truth. So the fact that we will act severely. If it means we will also suspend the player immediately. But it should be based on evidence and facts I had to IPL COO Sundar Raman asked to call to get the tape. "

We want to show that it will not be tolerated. He said, "We believe that the IPL is clean. Anti-Corruption Unit is keeping an eye on it.

Mohnish Mishra suspended:
Mohnish Mishra who is now in the Pune Warriors team admitted that he was involed in sting operation just becuase his rates in the IPL5 will increase and not for any wrong cause. Mohnish Mishra including five other IPL players has been suspended after they were found in IPL5 spot-fixing.

5 Players suspended from IPL
Pune Warriors manager Mr. SUSHANTO Roy said they condemned Mohnish Mishra irresponsible behavior and he is suspended with immediate effect. He will not play in IPL anymore. 
Mr. SUSHANTO Roy also said: "We greatly appreciate the steps taken by the BCCI. 



Banta Singh said...

I love your India. India is mother of all corruption. We all knew the source of match fixing is in India. Poor Pakistani players were just targeted and trapped. The masterminds sitting in India escaped the charges and trials. I am sure at one stage India will blame Hafiz Saeed's involvement in materminding the corruption in India and another $10million price tag will be announced for those who will bring proof against him. Just watch it. Pathetic and corrupt Indians are corrupting the worldwide cricket too. I wonder in this nation how Ana Hazare was born. He is a found of the century.

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