Facebook Mark Zuckerber status is Married

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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Mark Zuckerber and Priscilla Chan marriage photo
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerber is always in news. Mark Zuckerber has updated his status. Mark Zuckerber is married now. This was quite a week for Mark Zuckerber from his birthday, to NSE IPO, to I DO. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerber who is just 28 year old married with 27 year old girlfriend Priscilla Chan. Priscilla Chan was his girlfriend for nearly 10 years or so. Facebook is now the bigger comapnay than HP and they Facebook growth is moving, it is being expected that Facebook will in top 10 listing soon. The marriage between Mark Zuckerber and Priscilla Chan took place on saturday May 19 2012 in Zuckerberg's backyard. It was surprised that less than 100 people invited in this high profile marriage. Mark Zuckerber and Priscilla Chan marriage photos and videos have been added in this blog as well.

Mark Zuckerber and Priscilla Chan before marriage 



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