Dalai Lama to be killed ?

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Monday, May 14, 2012

The Dalai Lama has refused to give answer to the questions he was asked on Monday. In aninterview, Dalai Lamahas been asked whether the Tibetan people or Tibetan monks should stop now setting themselves on fire that they are doing to protest China's occupation of Tibet. Then Dalai Lama said - NO ANSWER

One of the spiritual leader said that this is the very sensational and political issues and that is the reason Dalai Lama want to skip those questions.

In an interview in London Sunday Telegraph in Britain, Dalai Lama has confirmed that there is a threat of his life. Dalai Lama confirmed that Tibetian women are being trained to kill Dalai Lama. So now the question is how real is the threat to the life of the Dalai lama from Chinese agents? This is what exactly Dalai Lama has confirmed - "there is a threat perception to his life".

Dalai Lama headquarter and offices are based in Dharmsala, Himachal Pradesh in the northern state of India. Dalai Lama has already won Nobel Prize for Peace and at the moment he is 76 year old.

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