Dada Sourav Ganguly quits captaince and joins Bollywood

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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Sourav Ganguly quits Captaincy from Pune Warrior India:
Ganguly quits PWI Captaincy
Sourav Ganguly is in news once again as PWI management has asked them to leave captaincy and become mentor of the team. It is still not sure whether PWI managemnt Mr. Roy as asked them to do so or he has taken this decision with his own choice. Same thing has happened when he was in the KKR team and SRK and KKR management asked him to become mentor of KKR team but he rejected this offer. News are coming that Sourav Ganguly quits from PWI Pune Warriors team. This is what Sourav Ganguly after quitting captaincy - "I did not want to be the captain but was asked to do so. Now I want to give youngsters a chance." Now, we cannot see Sourav Ganguly Dada playing in the Ground. We will miss Sourav Ganguly. We will miss our Dada. We will miss Dadagiri.

Dada Sourav Ganguly is in Bollywood movie
Reports are coming that the former India, Bengal, KKR now Pune Warriors captain Sourav (Saurav) Ganguly stating that Sourav Ganguly known as Dada will be starring in & as himself as a leading role in a film titled Ganguly - The Movie. Here is the trailor of the video Ganguly - The Movie

Ganguly - The Movie

Bengal Tiger Sourav Ganguly has already said goodbye to the Indian Cricket Team, but things are not all over yet. The Bengal tiger (Dada) hasn't still put his gloves down. Sourav Ganuly has also done the bengalli version shows like Dadagiri and Kaun Banega Crorepari. Both the shows did well and highly appreciated. Sourav Ganguly is now all set to face the big camera with his Bollywood debut. Before this, we have already seen Sourav Ganguly in many ads when he was in the Indian Cricket Team and KKR. His one of the ad become very famous when he was left out from the Indian Cricket team and he said - Kya aap apna dada ko bhul gaye.

Yes friends... You absolutely read it right. Sourav Ganguly will star in & as himself in the film Sourav Ganguly- The Movie. It is expected that the movie "Ganguly - The Movie" will shoe the private life of Dada. There has been a lot to be answered after his sudden dropping from the Indian cricket tea as well as from the kolkata knight riders. His fans still await for his answers and they are predicting that they can get all the thing from this upcoming movie.

Match 05 May Match between KKR and Pune Warrior:
Ganguly with SRK after KKR and PWI Match
Sourav Ganguly news is always big. The match between KKR and PWI was in hype as it was the biggest match of IPL. In that match, highest number of spectators came to watch the game. It was over 70000 people including police and volunteers. KKR team felt that they were playing away match as most of the spectators cheering for thier Dada Sourav Ganguly. Unfortunately, PWI lost the match but Dada batter really well with one huge six and few boundaries. He made 36. After the match, KKR captain Gambhir, owner SRK and others appreciated Sourav Ganguly and the Eden Garden spectators. AMitab bachan also praised Ganguly and Kolkata people for supporting both the teams. When Sourav Ganguly got out the Ekla Cholo song which is sung by Amitabh Bachan palyed. After the match, SRK Shahrukh Khan and Dada Sourav Ganguly walked all over the Kolkata Eden Garden and they were confortable Each other.



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