Barrack Obama supports Gay Marriage

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Thursday, May 10, 2012

US President Barrack Obama announced that he will now support same-sex marriage. Barrack Obama has reversed his longstanding opposition amid mounting pressure from the Democratic base and also from his own vice president. Obama ahs told in the interview that the same sex married should be legal as the demand of it is increasing. Some people are saying this that Obama is doing this for the sake of vote as election for US President is coming closer.  

Barrack Obama in favorGay Marriage

Obama told all this in an interview with Robin Roberts of ABC News.  The show has telecast on Thursday morning and the name of the show is Good Morning America. US President Barrack Obama described his thinking process as an "evolution" that actually led him to this decision. He also confirmed that the decision was also based on conversations with his supporting staff members, openly lesbian and gay service members, and also his wife, family members and daughters.

India View on Same Sex Marriage
Many other counties are also planning to support same sex marriage. Indian people have also demanded for this and Delhi High Court has already approved this but still majority of the people are against it. 



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