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Monday, August 24, 2009

Swine Flu, influenza virus, H1N1, hog flu, Swine flu in pune kolkata usa indiaSwine flu is also known as H1N1 flu and in some other countries Swine flu is also known as hog flu and pig flu. Basically swine flu is an infection and it spreads due to several types of swine influenza virus. SIV (stands for Swine influenza virus) is one of the strain of the influenza family of viruses which is found in the pigs. In this year of 2009, they are very popular Swine influenza virus strains include influenza C and the subtypes of swine influenza A called as H1N1, H3N1, H1N2, H3N2 & H2N3.

Swine Flu, influenza virus, H1N1, hog flu, Swine flu in pune kolkata usa india

It is noticed that swine influenza virus is found common where the population of pig populations is large. Those who are regular exposure to pigs, has a risk of swine flu infection. The meat of an animals like pig, cow, goat etc. poses no risk of infection if it is properly washed with warm water and cooked.

Swine Flu, influenza virus, H1N1, hog flu, Swine flu in pune kolkata usa indiaSwine Flu
It is reported in the history that during the mid 20th century, Swine flu was also noticed. But the good thing is that since mid 20th century, only 50 such transmissions have been found. These strains of swine flu infection hardly pass from one man to another. There are many symptoms of zoonotic swine flu in humans beings and the symptoms are like general illness, fever, sore throat, namely chills, muscle pains, severe headache, coughing, weakness & general discomfort.

Swine Flu, influenza virus, H1N1, hog flu, Swine flu in pune kolkata usa indiaSymptoms of Swine Flu

Swine Flu in IndiaIndia is now also badly affected by Swine Flu. Some of the Indian cities like Pune, New Delhi, Ahmedabad, Mumbai etc. are being captured by Swine Flu but Pune city is in the worst condition. Till now, 19 people are killed by Swine Flu and in India overall 45 people have been killed. Indian Government are taking steps to avoid and remove swine flu from India. Kolkata city is still under control, some reports of swine flu has come from kolkata city but yet not any serious casualty has been done.





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