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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

varun, varun guta, varun pictures, varun photo, varun images, VARUN, varun kolkata, varun kankinaraHi Friends,

Today is the 24th June, 2009. It was on this date in 2008 that I created an account with and created my first ever public (I mentioned it public because earlier I had a personal blog) blog. Hope the title is still on your mind: "Varun Blog" - World is Here.

SEO & Traffic
My Varun blog was crawled by Google within few days after registering but the blog was Page Rank (PR) 0 for the first four months. One fine day my colleague Sankhadip informed me that my blog has got PR 4! I was really surprised and elated. Not only that, my Travel and Bollywood blog also became PR 2. Now, according to Google analytics, my blog (site) ranks in the top 1 lac sites in India and in the top 5 lac sites in the world. Hopefully by next year, the ranking will be much better! Generally, my blogs attract most visitors from India, USA and Philippines. As Varun Blog is based on US And Indian events, so it attracts more visitors during Indian festivals like the Independence Day, Republic Day, Pongal, Durga Puja, Diwali and in the US events like Christmas, Valentine's Day, New Year and many others.

Today, I will not forget to thank my colleague-cum-friend-cum-Team Leader-cum-brother Mr. Nabendu Paul, aka Nabenduda (of who helped me create and maintain my blogs. His little words of wisdom were really helpful to make my blogs better by the day. I really want to thank him at this hour. There are some other persons too who have shared their experiences to optimize my blogs. They are Sankhadipda aka Shanky, Chanchalda, Arindamda, aka Arings, Vip, Binod and my brother Vinayak. I also want to thank to those bloggers who have done Link Exchanges with my blogs.

I had never thought that I could also earn with my blogs. But now I could easily earn $80 (Rs.4, 000) every month and the credit goes to all my blogs. I was really happy when I received my first check from Google.

In the epilogue, I must say I had great time maintaining my blogs. You won't believe I always treated my blog as my close friend. Today, I feel nice when people come to me and ask tips about their blogs. I really want to help them to the best of my knowledge. I would like you to leave a comment on this post. Please share your thoughts about the changes or suggestion you have to like to see in this blog. Your negative thoughts will also be appreciated in a positive way. At the top right panel (sidebar), there is poll going on and you are requested to cast your vote to rate this blog. But I am sorry to say that you are not going to win anything for rating my blog. LOL :)
That's me.. Varun

Good luck and God bless!



Jack William said...

Many Many congratulations to you Varun. Hope in the coming days your blogs will do much better. Keep up t6he great work. I have also started working on few sites. Lets see what happens :)

Best of luck to you.

Arings said...

Hey Varun.... Congrats! Wish your blog many many happy returns of the day. I am sure your blog will see better rise in future. All the best! God bless.

Arindam Da

Maldiveslive said...

Happy Birthday to your Varun Blog. I wish coming years are much success.

Vinayak said...

Hey Bro,
I am proud of you, your perseverance and hard work paid off.
Congratulations and all the best.
God bless you. :)

Sankhadip said...

Hey its grt to know about your blog's b'day. Keep up the good work dude :-)

Chanchal Roychoudhury said...

Congrats Varun!

As an inconsistent blogger, I know that it is very easy to start a blog, but very difficult to maintain that. I'm glad you have been able to keep at it, despite a full-time job. It sure is one helluva achievement.

Continue to do well! Best wishes!

Rinki said...

Happy Bday Varun oh sorry... Varun Blog.
Thank God it is also not created on 29th Feb :)

nabendu said...

Many congrats to you .......keep up the good work.....happy blogging....

Anindita said...

Hi Varun, Congrats to you and your blog! Keep going!
so... when is google sending you your next cheque?

Raju Singh said...


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Congratulations Varun...
I see you blog.Its presentation is good and keep it up.

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Sadique Ahmed said...


Anonymous said...

hi varun
your blog is very nice maintaned. i dont know about the blog so please help me to know about blog and how it created

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