Mumbai under Terrorist Attack

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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Mumbai under Terrorist Attack

On 26th July, 2008 at 9.40 p.m Mumbai (Southern part of Mumbai) was attacked by the number of militants. Militants killed more than 100 persons and more than 600 persons were injured. The injured people have been hospitalized by the nearby hospital. Terrorists entered into the two five-star hotel (Taj Hotel and Grand Oberoi Hotel late night) in the India's financial capital.

A newly born militant group by the name of 'Deccan Mujahideen' claimed the responsibility for the terror strikes in Southern Mumbai. The attacks began between 9 pm and 9.15 pm with firing and bomb blast. The terrorists were throwing grenades from the rooftop of the Taj Hotel and trying to stop police from moving in. Police are saying that along with the two famous hotel, terrorists also targeted a railway station and the Cafe Leopold. The militants were young aged between 20-25.

This is not the first time, Mumbai has suffered this. It started from 90s when Stock Market and major market of Bombay was bombed and many attack on local train. All parts of India are suffering from these specially Delhi, Mumbai and Kashmir. A senior policemen reported that Foriegners visitors were the main target by the militans. He also confirmed that these Militants comes from Karachi via sea routes and entered Mumbai. It is announced that bombay Stock Exchange, schools, colleges and office nearby by the hotels will be remained closed on 27th November. After the attacks, world leaders supported India and they assured that they are with India to fight with the terrorism. Newly elected, US President barrack Obama has also express his mercy.

Mumbai versus North Indian

Now, if you will switch on your T.V and go to any news channel you will find this news at the top (headlines). It is seen for last two years that people from Bihar and Uttar Pradesh (Hindi speaking) are victimized by a polictical party just for the sake of votes. Now, they are calling North Indian as "Bhaiyas". The name of the party is Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) which is led by none other that Raj Thackrey who is responsible for many killing of innocent people. In simple, Raj Thackrey is a open terrorist (murderer) directly or indirectly. He should be hanged asap. It's a one sided wat between them because North Indians are taking any actions against the Marathis because they know the reality and they have patience.
MNS party affect the poor public people and folks are mind washed in cash of emotions and sentiments. Many other Indian political leaders and party like Samajwadi Party, Laloo Prasad Yadav, Congress I, CP(I)M, Nitish Kumar and many other urged Government and Election committe to ban this party in all respect. Mumbai city is for whole nation and each person has the full rights to share, contribute & celebrate land of opportunities. On 28th October 2008, a man was killed in a local train, first he was asked by the Mumbaikars (Marathis) where he is originally from when they confirmed that he is from the Indian state of U.P the he was beaten up badly and he was killed. He was recently married and had a one year daughter. Not only common people but famous persons like Amitabh Bachan (supposed to be a No.1 actor in Bollywood) has also suffered from these.

Raj Thackrey is Hindu by religion but he is againgst Hindu festival "Chath Puja" just because it is being celebrated by North Indian mostly. Hundreds of people now have moved from Mumbai and settled in other major cities like Delhi, Kolkata, Chandigarh and they have pronised that will never think of Maharastra in future again as it is a state of his terrorism led by Raj ThackreyI have uploaded a you tube video where he is showing his bjealousy gainst Chath puja. But this year, when he had to saty one day in jail then he seems to be a little cool and asked his party followers not to harass North Indian people during Chath Puja.



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Its too much! Terrorism has become a global threat. Its showed ugly form in Mumbai attack.

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