Bihar Floods 2008

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Thursday, August 28, 2008

The number of death toll caused by a disaster flood triggered by heavy monsoon rains in India's state of Bihar has now reached 55 people, and more than 125,000 have been forced to flee their own homes. Food riots erupted on 25th of August 2008, where over 2 million people have been forced from their homes and about 2.5 million houses destroyed in what official people saying are the worst floods in the last 50 years. More than 400 villages have been already flooded, and large areas of farmlands have been damaged totally since the Kosi River (knowns as Sorrow of Bihar) burst its banks and changed the course. The floods have spread throughout the state's 15 districts & left over one million people cut off from transport routes because major roads are still under water.
Usually, Monsoon season in India occurs from early July to end of September, plays important role for harvesting but regularly inflicts major destruction. In early August month, floods swept along the coast of the Bay of Bengal in the southern part of the country, affecting around fifty neighborhoods in Hyderabad city, the capital of Andhra Pradesh, and killing more than 70 persons.

Already, torrential rains have taken over 1,000 people in South Asia since the monsoon began in June, mainly in India's state of Uttar Pradesh, where 700 people have lost their lives. Other deaths were also reported from Bangladesh and Nepal. Expert people blamed that the floods caused on heavier monsoon rains by the Global warming, while others believes that the authorities have done nothing in the past to take measures steps and improve the infrastructure to fight with these natural calamities. Officials reported flood victims had looted grain at some parts in Bihar. Others ran for miles and miles under helicopters that were dropping food packets. A boy was also killed and about 30 people were injured in the Supaul district of Bihar when food packets fell on them directly.

"We have enough stock of food grains but the main problem is that we have limited means of transport to supply those among the villagers," Mr. Gupta, a government official in Madhepura, told Reuters by telephone. Several prisoners also took the advantage of the floods to escape from a jail at Supaul on Tuesday. "We are facing difficulty in getting the exact number of prisoners who fled since communication networks have totally cut off," said Nitish Kumar, Bihar's CM. The U.N. children's fund UNICEF told that roads had been damaged and water and electricity supplies disrupted badly.

If anyone of you want to help those poor people, you can contact me (Varun Gupta) at then I will let you know how to help them directly. It's a time to bieng human and help others as much as we can do it. Do it what you can. Don't think about religion , caste, country, racism just come forward and help them. Your comment at this post will be appreciated.
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Anonymous said...

will the people ofthis country wake up??????? or the people wd be allowed to die.

Or since it is this neglect....

NO UN No rd cross.....sad....this is the catastrophe of the century.

rose said...

Monsoon season in India occurs from early July to end of September, plays important role for harvesting but regularly inflicts major destruction.
monsoon is a season of rains and we all like it if it rains in causes desasters also.

Anonymous said...

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jide said...

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Anonymous said...

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